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Welcome to Healthy Technologies' mold page.  They hope that you find useful mold information here.

Their purpose is to help people live better indoors, and if the only way they can help you is to provide you with some useful information about mold, then they are satisfied.

Before they  were trained and certified as Indoor Air Quality / Mold Inspectors, they experienced their own mold problems.  They know how frustrating it feels when you need help and you are trying to find true, quality information about mold. 

Healthy Technologies' staff conducts research continuously to find the latest and best information available about mold.  They sort through the nonsense about mold while they're at it and they don't believe that telling horror stories about mold serves any useful purpose.

Let Healthy Technologies provide straight answers about mold.  While mold can be dangerous for some people, according to their research, those cases are extremely rare.

If you don't find the mold answers you are looking for on this site, please contact Healthy Technoligies, and if they don't have the mold information you need, they'll find it for you.
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Useful Facts

Mold is NOT a dirty word.

There are many, many crooked “Mold Inspectors / Remediators” in the United States.  Conducting both activities on the same job constitutes a serious conflict of interest and should not be tolerated, anywhere.

Mold is present nearly everywhere. (Even in Antarctica)

Household Bleach does NOT kill mold, it bleaches mold and may actually allow mold to grow better.

Petri dishes are very useful in a laboratory to determine levels of viable mold collected on a sample.

Petri dishes are NOT very useful when placed on a surface in an indoor environment. 
Some mold spores will fall into the petri dish and grow, but this does not determine whether a mold problem exists.

Mold needs food (any organic material) and a little moisture to grow.

Some types of mold feed on other types of mold.

Molds reproduce through spores, which may become airborne.

Some mold spores can remain airborne, indefinitely.

Mildew is a common name for mold, often found in bathrooms.

Not all black molds are toxic.

Not all toxic molds are black.

The color of some molds depends on what they feed on.

Stachybotrys Chartarum (commonly known as Black Mold) can be nearly any color - gray, green, yellow and
even white.

A person cannot identify mold species without a microscope and training.

Elevated levels of mold in an environment may be an indicator of elevated levels of other microbials. (Germs)

Some people are more sensitive to mold than others.

Some people are allergic to mold, some are not.

The people most at risk from mold problems are infants and children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems and people with weakened immune systems.

There are fine, ‘green’ products available to kill mold.

There are many fine Mold Professionals available to help you with mold problems.

Anyone who attempts to alarm or scare you about mold should not be considered a Mold Professional.

*Penicillin is derived from mold.

**Without penicillin some of us (maybe you) wouldn’t be alive today.