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About Healthy Technologies
Healthy Technologies, Inc. is a woman-owned small business located at Pilot Mountain, NC. The business was founded by the President, Florene Miller, in 2003. 

Beginning in 2002, Florene and her husband Tim detected a musty smell in their home, and were unable to determine the cause. Their family experienced allergy symptoms and continuously suffered from sinus infections and breathing problems.  After some time had passed, their 2 year-old daughter was hospitalized with pneumonia. 

Eventually, the Millers discovered a water leak, concealed within the master bedroom wall. The minor leak enabled mold growth in the wall and beneath the bedroom carpet.

Like most people, they had little knowledge of mold problems, so they performed their own full-blown, do-it-yourself mold remediation project. They tore out the old sheetrock, carpet and pad.  New sheetrock was installed and painted and new carpet was installed, yet the musty odor remained and their allergy symptoms lingered. 

One evening, Florene’s best friend offered to let them try an air purifier in their home to see if it would help to remove the odor.  Within 24 hours, the musty smell was gone from their home and the Millers were impressed. Two weeks passed with the air purifier running continuously in their bedroom. Florene woke up amazed one morning, breathed in deeply and exclaimed, “Tim, I CAN BREATHE!”

Paramount to the Miller’s decision to purchase their own air purifier was the manufacturer’s policy of ‘try before you buy’. They personally realized the benefits of the air purifier in their home.

Florene then decided to try to help others live better indoors, and in February 2003 incorporated Healthy Technologies. She found the complexities of indoor air quality very challenging so she pursued training and certification as an indoor air quality/mold inspector, CMI.

Glen Coleman joined the company in 2007, as the Chief Technical Officer.  He also underwent training and after receiving his CMI certification, Florene and Glen began working together as a team of Indoor Environmental Specialists. Glen’s background as an Industrial Maintenance Technician introduced knowledge of building systems, including HVAC. As a brother/sister team, their strengths are complimentary for the benefit of their clients.
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